• 01:30 am

    A boy’s marriage proposal was rejected by the girl and the lovers separated. Nonetheless, they agree on a break-up contract stating that if both are single in five years they will get married. Can they finally be together?

    Eddie Peng, Bai Bai He, Pace Wu, Jiang Jin Fu

    Oh Ki Hwan

  • 03:20 am

    Different generations look at love, romance and commitment, all from a uniquely Beijing perspective; a pregnant woman must choose between her husband and a past love who comes back into her life, a couple looks toward a trip to Greece to confront their own infidelity, and a young couple must decide whether to listen to their parents' reason or their heart.

    Carina Lau, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Siqin Gaowa

    Chen Sicheng

  • 05:25 am

    LIU Jin-xi (Donnie YEN) is a papermaker who lives a seemingly normal life with his wife AYU (TANG Wei) and two children in remote village. However. The arrival of a detective soon threatens to tear them apart. Detective XU Bai-jiu (Takeshi Kaneshiro) arrives in town to investigate the recent death of two bandits. It appears that they are accidentally killed by LIU out of self-defense. But upon autopsy, XU discovers that they are in fact two of the most notorious outlaws wanted by authorities. As a kung fu fanatic, XU figures out that this is no pure accident; LIU must conceal extraordinary power necessary to make such a deadly defense. XU’s investigation further leads him to the involvement of the 72 Demons-the most hostile and vicious clan in the martial arts world whose members are trained to kill without mercy. The MASTER (Jimmy WANG Yu), the ruthless head of the clan possesses skills so powerful beyond anyone's imagination. But just when all existing evidences have proved XU's accusation wrong, intelligence confirms that LIU is indeed TANG Long-the second in- command of the 72 Demons. Once a martial arts expert with a taste for killing. TANG awakened from his sin one day and decided to leave his evil past behind, using a new identity to go on with his life. The news of TANG's whereabouts soon gets to the MASTER. Unable to come to terms with TANG's betrayal, the MASTER threatens to slaughter his family and every villager if TANG refuses to return to the clean. Meanwhile, XU is leading an elite team to LIU's arrest. When the three unstoppable forces converge in the small village, an inevitable battle is about to break out any moment.

    Donnie Yen, Kaneshiro Takeshi, Tang Wei, Kara Hui

    Peter Chan

  • 07:25 am

    Yu is a young noble: handsome, brave and admired. Commander of the era’s most powerful army, he leads the revolt against the cruel Qin dynasty. Yu recognizes great potential in Liu, a peasant, and gives him command of 5,000 soldiers. Liu however breaks an agreement with Yu by entering and ransacking the Qin capital alone. The Qin dynasty falls and Yu rules. From the time of this ‘last supper’, Liu will wage war against Yu and Xin, an adviser to Yu, joins him.

    Liu Ye, Chang Chen, Daniel Wu, Qin Lan

    Lu Chuan

  • 09:20 am

    A man's wife is killed on her bed. The bed is soaked with blood, and her body is missing, yet the man is being suspected for the murder. Heavy conflicts arise between the lawyer and the prosecutor, and there is nobody to trust.

    Jang Hyuk, Park Hee-soon, Ha Jung-woo

    Sohn Young-sung

  • 11:25 am

    The movie comprises two short stories. "Classroom" depicts a teacher who meets a ghost and kills more than ten students, making it the most brutal homicide in history. "Travel" is about a woman who died accidentally while traveling, but she is actually killed by her boyfriend who wants to recover the millions of dollars that she robbed from him.

    Chrissie Chau, Him Law, Jennifer Tse

    Wong Jing, Patrick Kong

  • 01:05 pm

    A Korean-American family moves to a tiny Arkansas farm in search of their own American Dream. The busy working couple is always arguing about their new livelihood. It is the arrival of their sly, foul-mouthed, but loving grandmother that reminds them the true value of a family - their dream is what makes a home.

    Youn Yuh-Jung, Steven Yeun, Yeri Han

    Lee Isaac Chung

  • 03:05 pm

    Evelyn, a Filipino domestic helper, moves to Hong Kong to work for Cheong Wing, a divorcee paralyzed in a construction accident. Becoming unlikely friends, the two discover shared humanity that helps them face life’s mounting hardships.

    Anthony Wong, Crisel Consunji, Sam Lee

    Oliver Chan Siu Kuen

  • 05:00 pm

    Based on the true story of Peking Opera legend Mei Lang Fang, the movie follows his journey and personal challenges from young till after his rise to stardom, including his landmark US tour to introduce the tradition of Peking Opera to the West. It is only during the Japanese occupation of China that Mei puts a determined end to his long career.

    Leon Lai, Zhang Zi Yi, Sun Hong Lei, Wang Xue Qi, Yu Shao Qun

    Chen Kai Ge

  • 07:30 pm

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many scheduled theatrical releases have been delayed as cinemas are closed. The 40th Hong Kong Film Awards considers nominations from the films released in both 2020 and 2021. For the first time, Celestial Movies proudly brings you the live coverage of the award ceremony. Stay tuned and support Hong Kong films!

  • 10:40 pm

    Attending the reunion in lieu of her late elder sister, Zhihua accidentally runs into Yin Chuan, on whom she had a crush in her youth. As old memories are evoked Zhihua slowly uncovers the intricate story of the trio.

    Zhou Xun, Qin Hao, Du Jiang

    Shunji Iwai